Review by Beach Sloth (UK)

Beautiful and brooding, Aegri Somnia sculpt a unique hybrid of folk, goth, and post-punk on “Ad Augusta Per Angusta”. Emotionally resonant the way the songs are structured reveals a true talent for form as the songs soar off into the sky. Throughout the album Aegri Somnia employ a surrealist bent to the proceedings as everything swirls about in a stately haze.  Rather spirited the pieces possess a great depth to them while they explore vast swaths of territory. By far the highlight of the album and what ties it all together are the compelling vocals which rest in the very heart of the sound. 

Opening things up on a high note is the expressive work of “Seran”. At first so delicate the song builds up into a muscular, commanding sound. Trading out the acoustic guitar for distortion laden riffs the piece transforms into an unruly tempest. Easily the highlight of the album the song’s haunting melody lingers in the mind long after it has ended. Layer upon layer of sound work wonders on the dark “La culebra”. Flourishes occur with fanfare leading the sound out. Somewhat reflective is the blissful work of “Le deshora”. Rather hazy in temperament is the sprawling riffs of “Romance de Santa Elena” which gives the song a lush rich feeling. Percussion anchors the powerful “Ronda de mayo” with a rhythm that grows in strength. Elements of metal emerge out of the tortured sound of “Charro del labrador”. Closing the album off is the late 80s darkwave vibes of “Veneno”. 

Aegri Somnia forge a unique sound that is entirely theirs on the sweeping scope of “Ad Augusta Per Angusta”.

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