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The thing with Satanath and Symbol of Domination, such is the variety of music on offer from both labels, you never know what to expect… so here’s an album based on old Iberian popular folk songs from the late 19th and the early 20th century. Yeah, that took me by surprise as well.

Translating it into what you are really going to hear, is ethnic based Metal. Mysterious female vocals lead the way and the twisting rhythms, despite me already knowing their origin, have a distinct Middle Eastern flavour… ok, Iberian flavour.

Whether it’s the Mongolian Folk Metal of Nine Treasures, or the Jewish and Arabic flavours of Orphaned Land, I love the culturally diverse variations Metal can produce. And this album is no different.

The Metal content isn’t as high as the two bands I’ve just mentioned, but it’s certainly worthy of being mentioned in the same conversation. I’d say it has more in common with some of the more ethereal moments from Liv Kristine’s illustrious career, than your average Metal band.

Would it be offensive to describe this as Gothic Metal meets Rock and Metal infused belly dancing? Because that’s what my brain thinks it is.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a nice distraction from the normal (louder) promos that come my way.

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